Like A Child 2

SMS to B:

“Guess what. I’m eating authentic nilupak. Woohoo.”

I went to the market the other day <Yes, it’s the same day I talked about in my BYOB post>.

And I was happy to re-discover 2 of my favorites:


1. Nilubak: mashed cassava with milk and butter topped with margarine, sprinkled with crushed peanuts and sugar

Ingredients are mashed and mixed using a huge wooden mortar and pestle, which hole can fit a basketball.

According to legend, nilupak will taste better if the ”manong” mashing the cassava is shirt-less.


2. Pacencia Cookies

These cookies made from flour, egg whites, and sugar made me giggle after the first bite.

<How to Make Pacencia Cookies>

Certain fragrances and music often bring back memories.

These delicacies made me feel like a child again, even for just a while.


BYOB -Bring your own Bayong

The other day, I went out to the market with my trusted ”bayong”.ImageImage

I have used it 4 times and the heaviest it was able to carry was 5 kilos.

It’s a bit more pricey than plastic bags, sturdier than paper bags, has a fashionabiliity potential and definitely more earth-friendly than the “biodegrable” bags supermarkets sell these days.

<More about Bayong>

<Government seeks bayong market>

Mangroves and Mermaids

Last April, I crashed my Mama’s school excursion and visited the mangroves of Sorsogon.

From my basic biology knowledge, I can recall that mangroves are habitats for fish and other creatures.ย  <Benefits of Mangroves>

Alas, more mangroves are destroyed every year.

I was happy to learn that in Bikol, there is a place where mangroves are preserved.





What I didn’t know was that aside from preventing erosion, mangroves can also protect against very strong waves or tsunamis.

See how still the water is? I wonder if can walk on it.



Nah, walking is for people, mangrove mermaids swim.

Like a Child

July of 2011, I had this post: Like a Child.

Now that I have returned to the place where I grew up, it’s comforting to know that I can still enjoy the same treats that I loved.

It’s really surprising that after 20 years, these food taste the same.

Some of Bikol’s merienda I enjoyed recently:


Biniribid: twisted, fried and sugar-coated malagkit <glutinous rice> Crunchy and sweet on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.


Toasted Siopao: bread with ground pork. Really yummy especially when it’s freshly-baked. <Coming Soon: Hunt for the Best Toasted Siopao in Naga>


Pancit Loglog: noodles in beef stock, with special/secret loglog sauce, toasted garlic, and spring onion.


We eat loglog almost everyday. Even during weekends when Mama’s canteen is closed.

Merienda all best served hot and will be most complete when enjoyed with a glass of ice-cold soda.

Soda seem to taste better here in the province.

Actually, everything tastes better because I’m home. ๐Ÿ˜€

Mama’s Garden

ย  I tried to grow cacti for a class project. My dish and mini garden was definitely most beautiful. Alas, after a few days, only the dish was left.

I wonder if I will ever have green thumb just like Mama.













Green Gift Ideas

I like gifts.

I enjoy wrapping gifts more than I enjoy unwrapping them. ;D

During breakfast, Mama made an inventory of the gifts she already bought. She realized, she had a gift almost for everybody, she only needed to buy gift wrapper.

Then, she said, “Why don’t we just recycle and go organic this year? Let’s use newspaper. Let’s use magazines.”

I said, “Ok.”

Then, I stood up, got some magazines from the rack,ย  peeled off pages, put them together using plastic tape, dusted off 2-yr old papel de hapon from Mama’s cabinet, got some abaca twine from my craft box, and picked the presents that needed wrapping.

Finished with the first batch of Christmas presents.


Very easy, economical, and earth-friendly gift-wrapping.

Please, do try this at home. ๐Ÿ˜€

Penafrancia 2012

“Resuene vibrante el himno de amor
Quen entona tu pueblo con grata y emocion
Resuene vibrante el himno de amor
Patrona del Bicol Gran Madre de Dios
Se siempre la Reina del Nuestra Region
Patrona del Bicol Gran Madre de Dios
Se siempre la Reina del Nuestra Region”

Last time I watched the Penafrancia procession was when I was 8 years old. After that, our parents wouldn’t encourage us to be there because of the possible dangers.

Now that I’m all grown-up and have already exposed myself to different sorts of risks, it’s about time that I see “Ina” again.

Last September 15, 2012 in Elias Angeles St., Naga City, I stand barefoot on a parked motorcyle, with camera fully charged, excitement, andย  curious anticipation, I wait…DSC_1156

… with them.


… and them.


Then, “Viva el Divino Rostro” <History of Divino Rostro>


The drama begins… The crowd claps to urge the image forward. Goosebumps.


Devotees believe that if they have handkerchiefs wiped on the image, they will be healed of their physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses.


This kuya was really helpful, and so were the other guys he’s sitting on below.DSC_1175DSC_1179

This kuya was successful. Wipe…


dive and swim…DSC_1177


The Divino Rostro has left and will wait for Ina at the Bicol River for the fluvial procession.

The sea of men almost crushed the motorcycle and I had to jump for my life. When the crowd thinned, I was able to rescue my flip flops.

I looked for a more strategic and hopefully safer place I can stand on. And waited…


…with them.


Then, “Viva La Virgen” “Viva” <History of the Virgin of Penafrancia>




Brothers are kind enough to wipe hankies for you. But if one gets too close, they don’t think twice prodding you with their long stick.



This is the guys’ way of getting to Ina. The ladies and children prefer the quieter way, one with almost zero chance for injury– lining up in the Cathedral during the 9-day novena.

Ina was able to pass through faster than the Divino Rostro.

These devotees walk to the Bicol River to bid Ina on her way home to the Penafrancia Basilica.


Then, nostalgia. Remember being carried by your father just so you could see better and to be sure you wouldn’t get squashed?





I hope this guy had better luck in capturing the Fluvial Procession. I heard it was really a beautiful sight with the sunset and the lights.


Oh well, there’s still next year.ย  My post will be good but never as good as the real thing. Hope you make it here next year.