From Cam Sur, with Love

I know this blog was supposed to be about Bikol, but I think a repost is fitting since it’s the month of love.

Let me know what you think about this:  PAG-IBIG ? (LOVE?)

We often set a list of standards– from the most ideal (like integrity, humility, responsibility) to the most mundane (like height, complexion, eye color).

But I guess in the end, the person you want to be with is somebody you wake up with and gaze at with fondness and complete acceptance; somebody who looks back at you with the same silent softness just because you are you; who gently holds your hand as if to quietly assure you: “It will not always be perfect, but I’ll always be here.”

Then you smile, feeling light, warm, content as if nothing could ever go wrong… (Journal Entry 7-10-11)

Thank you for reading!


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