BYOB Goes to Manila

Whenever I took my bayong with me during my errands to Naga (small city), I have always wondered if I can actually walk the streets of Manila (big city), carrying it.

Challenge accepted!

Challenge completed!

Last December, with about a hundred commuters I saw, the plastic bags, paper bags, and ”biodegradable” bags they were carrying really paled in comparison to my bayong.

I know what you’re thinking: ”One has to be fashionably fearless to actually be using one of these.”

I agree.

My ”competitive” bayong at Ayala Avenue:



Mama’s Garden 2

The other day, I woke up, walked to the kitchen, and I see this:


It’s one of my favorite fruits and it came right out of Mama’s garden. How cool is that?

It weighed more than 2 kg and I ate about 1/4 of it.  I did not get to take a picture when it was opened because I was too excited to eat it.

It’s called the guyabano fruit or soursop. Its flesh is white, its seeds are black. It has a distinct aroma and flavor, and the flesh just happily slides down your throat.

This fruit is not only yummy, it might also have certain anti-cancer properties according to (in vitro) studies.

Guess what Mama can do with this fruit. Wine!


The white wine tastes good on its own, chilled.  I also enjoy it as a cocktail, when mixed with mango juice or orange-calamansi juice.

Summer is only two months away. It’s the time of the year when a lot of fruits are in season. I’m looking forward to (eat) what else comes out of Mama’s garden.

BYOB -Bring your own Bayong

The other day, I went out to the market with my trusted ”bayong”.ImageImage

I have used it 4 times and the heaviest it was able to carry was 5 kilos.

It’s a bit more pricey than plastic bags, sturdier than paper bags, has a fashionabiliity potential and definitely more earth-friendly than the “biodegrable” bags supermarkets sell these days.

<More about Bayong>

<Government seeks bayong market>

Mama’s Garden

  I tried to grow cacti for a class project. My dish and mini garden was definitely most beautiful. Alas, after a few days, only the dish was left.

I wonder if I will ever have green thumb just like Mama.













Green Gift Ideas

I like gifts.

I enjoy wrapping gifts more than I enjoy unwrapping them. ;D

During breakfast, Mama made an inventory of the gifts she already bought. She realized, she had a gift almost for everybody, she only needed to buy gift wrapper.

Then, she said, “Why don’t we just recycle and go organic this year? Let’s use newspaper. Let’s use magazines.”

I said, “Ok.”

Then, I stood up, got some magazines from the rack,  peeled off pages, put them together using plastic tape, dusted off 2-yr old papel de hapon from Mama’s cabinet, got some abaca twine from my craft box, and picked the presents that needed wrapping.

Finished with the first batch of Christmas presents.


Very easy, economical, and earth-friendly gift-wrapping.

Please, do try this at home. 😀

Hello world!

Yesterday, I went to the Naga City People’s Mall to look for wine bags I can use for a friend’s wedding.

I found these:

Which I made into these:

And into these:

Then I thought, why not share about the Bikolano ingenuity and creativity? Why not share about the Bikolano culture? Why not let the world in on my discoveries of those which are rare, lush, and beautiful about the Bikol region?

Come with me as I sample Bikolano dishes, discover unique products, immerse in Bikolano festivities, and explore the seldom-visited spots.

And as you read, may you be encouraged to visit, buy, and experience Bikol yourself.

If, and when, I’ll be happy to assist in any way I can.

See you.