Like A Child 2

SMS to B:

“Guess what. I’m eating authentic nilupak. Woohoo.”

I went to the market the other day <Yes, it’s the same day I talked about in my BYOB post>.

And I was happy to re-discover 2 of my favorites:


1. Nilubak: mashed cassava with milk and butter topped with margarine, sprinkled with crushed peanuts and sugar

Ingredients are mashed and mixed using a huge wooden mortar and pestle, which hole can fit a basketball.

According to legend, nilupak will taste better if the ”manong” mashing the cassava is shirt-less.


2. Pacencia Cookies

These cookies made from flour, egg whites, and sugar made me giggle after the first bite.

<How to Make Pacencia Cookies>

Certain fragrances and music often bring back memories.

These delicacies made me feel like a child again, even for just a while.